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Boom Barrier

Some Barriers are worth to have it now days and one of them worth to have is Security Boom Barrier

According to your purpose of operation, an Automatic Security Gate or Boom Barrier varies in size, shape and operation. If you want to protect your Home or Business, an Automatic Security Gate is an added Protection. Automatic Security Gates include various Mechanical Components such as Door Barriers, Electronic Locks and Boom Barriers which will restrict access only to authorized people.

The capabilities of Automatic Gates access control system differ greatly as it verifies the identity of authorized individuals through Smart Card, RFID Card Reader or Biometric Sensor. Boom Barrier Security Gates have been designed to handle Single Door, Multiple Doors, Film Theatre Security Electronic Door Lock or a Hospital Security Block System to control the entry and the exit of vehicles. Automatic Security Boom Barrier Security Gate System efficiency is further enhanced with programablesoftware that controls every movement with the help of integrated Hardware and Mechanical Components.

Automatic and quick access provisioned by Automatic Security Barrier System can always supersede the security level provided by Guards. An Access Control Boom Barrier Gate is an Automated Access Control through highly efficient Security System suitable for gated communities, toll plazas, parking lots. Boom Barrier Security Gates secure your Homes and Buildings from unauthorized entry of vehicles or individuals.

High-Lights of Automated Barrier which cannot be attained with Manual Operation Barriers.
  1. Automated Barriers are faster than manual barriers for regular operation.
  2. Multiple Barriers can be controlled by Single Operator easily and quickly.
  3. Traffic flow data analysis is easier with log details of Vehicle movements data captured at control room.
  4. Security cams for Vehicle Number tracking and people movements.
  5. Boom Barrier is activated either by a single touch push button or Remote-Control Gate Button.
  6. Dual speed and electronic breaking of the barrier optimizes time and maximizes safety.
  7. Optional Beam Sensor Boom Barrier provides further protection to vehicles.
  8. Duration of fast and slow speeds is programmable at the time of installation according to the length of the boom and the frequency of traffic expected.
  9. Electronic Locks and Boom Barriers which will restrict access to people whose.
  10. Identity should be verified by a Smart Card, RFID Card Reader or Biometric Sensor.
  11. Control data can be used as evidence at any given point of time in case of any incident reported for further safety enhancements or legal use too.